What Size Bike Do I Need – What Type Questionnaire

Determining what type of bike you need is the first step in answering what size bike do I need. Why?

This is because different types of bikes have different geometry. I recently posted the article What Size Bike Do I Need – About Frame Geometry which explained some factors of bike geometry and how that effects the bikes riding characteristics; however, the most notable effect of bike geometry variation is riding comfort.

We all want to ride comfortably, but, believe it or not, the definition of comfort would be different from rider to rider and their goals. For example, a occasional recreational rider would have a different definition of comfort than someone who trains almost every day. With that in mind, here are some questions that will help us determine what type of bike will suit you best.

What Type of Bike Do I Need – Questionnaire:

Ask yourself:

Where will I ride?

  • Paved roads and bike trails
  • Unpaved but smooth trails
  • Unpaved and rocky, loose terrain

What riding position would I prefer. What would be most comfortable to me?

  • Upright – Upper body upright, almost a chair like position
  • Average – Upper body somewhat leaned over, perhaps about 45 degrees
  • Aerodynamic – Upper body lower, aerodynamic position, parallel to ground

What are my goals in buying a bike?

  • Fitness, losing weight, etc.
  • Long distance riding, centuries, etc.
  • Competitive riding, racing.

How often will I ride?

  • At least once every three to six months
  • At least every month
  • At least once a week
  • Several times a week
  • Daily

Consider the above questions honestly and tabulate your answers. In the next post, we will use your answers to determine what type of bike would suit you, then we can better answer what size bike do I need.

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