What Kind of Bike Should I Buy – Answer

Your Personal Cycling Profile:

I want a bike for riding very often at a strenous pace on very rugged unpaved trails. I’d prefer a low, aerodynamic riding position and road drop handlebars.

*Note* Handlebar preference is only one deciding factor, so your profile matches may include flat handlebars.

Best Profile Match: Mountain bike
Profile Match: Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes are designed for loose, rocky, rugged unpaved trails.

Mountain bike riding position is forward (not low) and are more upright than road bikes. Mountain bike fit setup can be fine tuned to match your ideal riding position.
Mountain bikes are equipped with are flat or upswept riser handlebars for greater control on technical trails.

Mountain bike characteristics: A strong frame to withstand rigorous off-road riding. Suspension to reduce bumps and vibration to keep you riding in comfort longer. Tires are wide, to better absorb the bumps, and knobby for increased grip and traction.

Summary: Mountain bikes can be ridden on unpaved or paved surfaces alike; however, the knobby tires generate more resistance and they are less efficient on pavement.

*Mountain bikes are also known by these names: MTB

Also Consider: CycloCross bike
Profile Match: CycloCross Bike

CycloCross Bike

Cyclocross bikes are designed for speed and stability on paved and unpaved ground.

Cyclocross bike riding position is more upright than a road bike for greater manuverability on technical off-road terrain.

Road bike drop handlebars offer a variety of hand positions, on the top of the handlebars, on the top of the brake hoods, in the curved drops, and more, so the hand position is adjustable which helps prevent hand soreness and it also allows you to vary your riding posture throughout the ride.

Cyclocross bike characteristics: Built with a light-weight, yet strong frame with clearance for larger tires which absorb bumps better. The tires have closely spaced tread in the middle for great effiency on paved surfaces, and knobby tread on the edges for very stable cornering on unpaved ground.

Summary: Cyclocross bikes are stable and fast on both paved and unpaved ground.

*Cyclocross bikes are also known by these names: CX Bike