About Me

Hello and welcome to my What Size Bike Do I Need website!

My name is Jon, but my friends call me Skippy. Long story, short: I love peanut butter, Skippy was a popular brand growing up, and the nickname stuck 😉

My greater love is bike riding! I still remember my first bike, a green BMX bike that my dad bought second-hand at a yard sale. I even remember my first ride (and crash) on it too, but that’s another story!

As a teenager, I hastily bought a bike on clearance that was NOT the right size. That bike was difficult to ride and uncomfortable until I sold it.

Fast forward to 2011. I needed a new road bike and wanted to buy online because the prices are about half of those at my local shop. After my prior experience, I was hesitant, but did considerable local and online research, trying to determine what size bike do I need? I bought a bike. Was I successful?

Yes! I’ve now ridden the bike comfortably 2,000+ miles. I also used the same methods to buy a mountain bike and have ridden it 2,300+ miles. I look forward to 30-100 mile rides and you can work up to that too if, and only if, you have a comfortable bike!

After going though this process, I felt others would benefit if I compiled this information into a comprehensive online resource, and that is my goal with the website: what size bike do i need.

I sincerely hope that you do find this information beneficial! Please contact me if you have any questions, comments, feedback.

Jon Skippy